China portfolio Series 
 Continental antique Series 

    There is one young man who was born to be an artist. Since  he was a child he was interested in different kinds of art including painting, sculpt and carve. When he was ten years old he used chalk left by teachers after lessons to carve small cars, tiny shoes, kettles etc. That time his talent began to become apparent..

      Seventeen years old he went to study to Beijing, Shanghai and other places, where he visited an outstanding skilled master. That time he decided to do his best
in studying this kind of art . Little by little he formed his own unique style in art..
    During 5 years from 20 to 24 y.o. he created his first masterpiece – “The map of the Qingming park” which is big-sized scroll made of wood. On this scroll You can see a lot of tiny things and people the biggest of them is 1,8 centimeter high and the smallest one is just 3 millimeters, and all of them made so vividly and look like alive. The heads of some wooden persons are as small as a little as a tiny seed but you can see different expressions on their faces! And ropes on ships are as thick as human hair! This artist uses the best wood carving methods inherited from previous generations of talented masters for producing modern masterpieces.

When he was 26 y.o. he was honoured as the youngest art master by the Alliance of artists of PRC.

From 27 to 28 years old during 700 days and nights specially for Olympic Games in Beijing he created “The Olympic car of harmony” – cabriolet made of red wood. Using traditional Chinese carving skills and modern conceptions and ideas he perfectly united five thousand years of incredible Chinese culture and inspirit of the Olympics. Other his works are full of originality freshness and they are really unique.Zhu Xue constantly explores and studies in different fields of art. He goes his own way in art. Based on traditional principles he bravely innovates and creates his new masterpieces.

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